Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Baby Quilt - Progress Report #1

I bought this baby boy bundle a few weeks ago, and I started to tackle the quilt this week.  As it turns out, the bundle that I bought ended up having more fabric than I needed.  So I was super excited because the possibility of making two baby boy quilts was VERY exciting.

But... I made the fatal mistake of going to the quilt store today....

I have a confession... my name is Amy and I am a baby fabric-aholic.  I have also identified my enablers to my addiction (they say that is the first step to recovery).
1. My mother... she gets a discount at the store so I dont feel as guilty buying fabric.
2. Some of the employees at said "quilt store" attack me with perfect fabrics and force me to buy them (well not entirely... but they make it awfully hard to refuse).

So any who, instead of being happy that I have EXTRA fabric, I decided to buy more fabric to make both a boy quilt and a girl quilt.  So this is what I did:

I took the fabrics that I had already pieced, and I pulled the girly ones.

 I purchased the green fabric to the left and the pink fabric in the middle (isn't it cute), and I added the green fabric with the hints of pink (it shouldn't go in the boy quilt anyways).
 Then I put the pieces on the design board to see if my plan would work.  After all is said and done I think I need two more pink fabrics for the girl quilt so that it stands out a little more (but maybe that is my addiction talking).

What do you think??? I still haven't finished my blocks completely.  I have to cut the blocks that have the white piece in the middle in half, and add another white piece so that it makes a white X. 

Overall, I think it will be great to have a boy and a girl quilt in the same fabric line for one of my hopeful friends. 

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