Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Start of My Classy Redneck Quilt....

 I am very excited to share my latest project with you... it is still in its early stages so I will keep you updated as I create this quilt.  I have chosen to use Ty Penningtons fabric line for this quilt because I am absolutely, 100%, in love with his design.  Have you seen his work yet?

I was searching for some fabric that would be classy/outdoorsy.... I thought that this would be impossible until I saw Ty's line.  My house is located in the mountains and the current decor is very redneck (we have old fishing rods on the wall, an elk picture, and antlers as decoration).  I am even a proud owner of a redneck wine glass (it is pretty and functional). Needless to say I am making a CLASSY redneck quilt, with emphasis on the classy.

 So Saturday and Sunday was spent cutting and planning.  These are my blocks.  I am making a simple rag quilt. I also have flannel and batting cut that is going to be placed in between my blocks... but I will go into this detail later.

 Here is my design.  I used my mom's design board in order to plan where each fabric block will be placed.  This took a little bit of thought becuase a few of my fabrics have the same design but different color. I made sure these were far enough away from each other. 
Here is a close up of part of the design.  I am excited to start sewing this quilt together... I know it will be the perfect cuddly quilt for the TV room.  I even think my "hunter/fisher" man of the house will approve. 

I have to thank my Mom for cutting my fabric for me.  Due to recent rotary cutter argument (the rotary cutter won.. 3 stitches later) I have been banned from cutting.


  1. Have you thought about getting a GO cutter? They even have a rag die - no snipping! I won a GO off a blog, and I didn't think I'd use it much for other than tricky things like Drunkard's path or Apple core, but my kids are now interested in patchwork, and they are definitely not ready for the rotary cutter! (5 and 7)

    1. I have looked into these. They remind me of my circut cutter. I didn't know that they can do rag die!! I will have to research it some more.

      Thanks stopping by,